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RockStar Wigs® <br> Dynamite™ Collection - Molotov Cock-Teal -00166

RockStar Wigs®
Dynamite™ Collection - Molotov Cock-Teal -00166

$ 75.00


All our wigs are hand made and take weeks to complete. Pre Order guarantees your wig on the next run.

Delivery Takes 4-6 Weeks.

♥ Dynamite Collection - Molotov Cock-Teal (Teal) ♥

This stunning style is perfect for any dynamic fashion statement! It comes pre-styled with all the volume shown, ready for a fun night out on the town, or a dramatic photoshoot! The choice is yours - how you wear it is entirely up to you!

  • FIBERS - Synthetic High Temp. up to 180*F/82*C (the lowest setting on most hair tools).
  • SHIPPING WT. 12.5oz - See Rates HERE
Model: Alexa Poletti
Guest Model: Fate | Alexa Poletti Photography