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11 Oct '14

UK Kawaii Fashion Spotlight "Roxie Sweetheart" & "Atelier Dormir"

Posted by Pixie Late

Hello lovelies!

About a month ago Gothic Lolita Wigs and two UK indie brands collaborated for a fashion shoot with me in London. The two shop owners actually models their own clothes and accessories in this fashion shoot which I find very interesting as I love seeing fashion designers wearing their own beautiful creations. We know of the big brands but I think it's high time we appreciate the indie brands....starting with ones based in the UK. These two brands have very different looks and therefore it's very interesting to see them side by side.

I was wearing my own creations too from my shop Pixie Bunny but I would like to focus on their shops for our Fashion Spotlight right now.

First up on Kawaii Fashion Spotlight is an indie accessories brand based in the UK called Roxie Sweetheart.

Roxie Sweetheart; Cute and Kawaii designs with a twisted edge - for the Harajuku girl in you!

The words 'Cute' and 'Kawaii' ultimately have the same meaning - however with Roxie Sweetheart the word 'Cute' relates to the British origin of the brand (and inspiration from vintage childrens illustration and toys) The word 'Kawaii' relates to the Japanese influence on the designs - fashion, culture and music

Roxie Sweetheart takes inspiration from diverse sources - from Tokyo’s vibrant fashion scene to vintage illustrations; a stunning selection of unique pieces that combine the sweet with the street, and incorporate gorgeous, colourful and edgy hand-drawn designs.

Here Roxie's owner and designer is wearing the Gothic Fairytale design on the circle skirt dress with a creepy cute look! She is also wearing the Glitter Bat & Locket Necklace, Bat Hairslides, Eyeball Rose Headpiece and a range of other Roxie Sweetheart jewellery, as well as a black headbow by Atelier Dormir. She has combined the look with the stunning Rockstar Wigs Countess in Lilaque and Black Patent Lolita Shoes.

Check out Roxie's website and online shop at www.roxiesweetheart.co.uk

We will now revert back to the classic Lolita look, in particular a more Gothic style with another UK indie brand Atelier Dormir. They selll Gothic Lolita Undergarments and Loungewear that oozes opulence and decadence. 

Lolita (ロリータ) is a popular street fashion in Japan for those not familiar about this type of fashion. It is known for its intricate and delicate doll-like look. The modest yet ornate clothing is inspired mainly by the Rococo and Victorian eras, but also takes influences from current fashion trends. Atelier Dormir takes inspiration from Japan's amazing and bustling Lolita scene to the British new romantics movement; Eccentric and flamboyant fashion with femininity and decadence at the heart of every design.

For our shoot, Laelette who is the designer and owner of Atelier Dormir, wore a decadent gothic triple ruffle jumper skirt and matching headbow with a gothic dolly look. With various accessories such as a beautiful 3D gothic rose ring by Roxie Sweet Heart. Paired together with Gothic Lolita Wig's Baby Dollight wig in a vibrant red, against the simplistic black of Laelette's design the vibrant red changes the look entirely from Gothic Dolly to Striking Vampiress.

Check out her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AtelierDormir

That's it for now dollies! Til next time!




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