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Cosplay Wigs USA™ <br> Boy Cut Long - Chestnut Brown -00274

Cosplay Wigs USA™
Boy Cut Long - Chestnut Brown -00274

$ 40.00

This collection is named after our model/muse Linden Valentine.  In addition to countless cosplay characters, this short haired wig is perfect for all the boy style lolita looks, including Ouji and Kodona - It also transitions nicely to J-Rock and Visual Kei. The photos show this versatile wig slightly styled by shaking it upside down and scrunched in places to give it shape; and also combed straight down.


Model 1: Linden Valentine | Alexa Poletti Photography

Model 2: Grossman Pictures


*Please note that Linden's photos are taken in natural light, whereas all other photos are taken with studio lighting.