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Wig Care

How to store a wig:

We recommend you keep your wig within the net and bag provided to keep the dust out.  If you'd prefer to keep it on display, a wig head or wig holder is the proper way to display your wig.  

 How to wash a wig*:

  1. Detangle your wig by using a big brush (straight styles only) or a wide tooth comb. Curly wigs should be untangled by hand, no combs or brushes. Use your fingers to separate the individual curls so that they retain their shape.
  2. Fill a basin or a container with cool water and mix in a bit of shampoo and conditioner. Immerse your wig and swirl it around gently. Let it soak for about 5 minutes.
  3. Rinse your wig by gently running cool water over it. Do not rub as it will tangle up the wig.
  4. Pat dry with towel. Do not wring or rub as, again, it will mess up the wig.
  5. Place your wig on a wig stand and leave to dry.

*Dolluxe® and its subsidiaries are not responsible for any damage done to the wig while washing it. Please use your best judgment when washing your wig. 


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How to trim bangs on a wig:

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How to wear a wig:

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