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Gothic Lolita Wigs® <br> Curly Bob™ - Blonde -00459

Gothic Lolita Wigs®
Curly Bob™ - Blonde -00459

$ 50.00

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We toured S. Korea to find impeccably lustrous fibers for our newest lines and purchased them in bulk to keep the prices low. Each wig in this collection is made up of at least two color fibers to give it a more natural appearance.

Since our first days of business, many customers have asked us to make a curly bob. It was very difficult for us to come up with a design that was flattering, modern, and didn't make our young customers look 20 years older. After many disappointing samples, we think we have finally achieved what we were desperately seeking and are so excited to be presenting this style to you.

The curls on these bobs are actually designed to look like the photos of our blonde, but we opted out of the last step of separating the curls by hand so that they pack and ship better. This leaves you the option of having big curls, or denser smaller curls.